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About US

Ele Safari Tours is a travel organisation that seeks to assist travellers, backpackers and explorers etc. by introducing them to this incredible country which is a kaleidoscope of scintillating culture, rich history, alluring landscapes, vibrant geography, affectionate people, mouth-watering cuisines and fascinating wildlife.

We are a team of trusted and passionate travel enthusiasts who strive to bring you the best in value and quality travel programmes. Our team always strives to make your travel simple but unique, hassle-free and filled with unforgettable memories. We offer custom tailored India tour packages for you to explore the scintillating and myriad shades of India. Our tour packages are totally designed in accordance with your interests, comfort and satisfaction. We believe your needs are special and vital, thus our team ensure that you experience all the richness and depths of the pleasing destinations we take you. We provide complete services to the tourist and business traveler right from the arrival into India, till their departure for their onward journey. Utmost care and attention is given for selecting perfect destinations, hand-picked hotels and any specific services required. Your thirst to explore new cities, palaces, forts, markets, lakes, sanctuaries, beaches, hills, deserts or local interesting people, will be quenched and gratified with our expert guidance and impeccable service.

Allow us to create an experience of a lifetime, an inspiring journey to an exotic land, discovering the people, culture, tradition, history and legacy of our Incredible. With our passion, experience and meticulous planning, we promise to weave memories you will cherish forever.

Choose from a wide and classic range of tour packages that will take you through some enchanting locations of India. Or Else explore India the way you like by getting a customised tour package or any alterations in the suggested tour as per your travel requirements.

At Ele Safari tours, our sole purpose lies in bringing you within the reach of some magnificent places. We truly believe your vacation should be an unforgettable escapade, right from the time when you make your first enquiry until you return home from your memorable journey.

We invite you to explore India with us